2 Kings 19

1:8 [garment], (a-13) Or 'a hairy man.'19:3 reviling; (a-21) Or 'rejection.' 19:6 servants (b-28) Heb. 'young men.' 19:9 Ethiopia, (c-9) Heb. Cush. 19:15 Same, (d-19) See Deut. 32.39. 19:16 him (a-22) Or 'which he hath sent.' 19:21 virgin-daughter (b-12) i.e. 'unconquered.' said of Sidon, Isa. 23.12; Babylon, Isa. 47.1; Egypt, Jer. 46.11. 19:23 field. (c-60) Or 'forest of his Carmel.' 19:24 Matsor. (d-24) i.e. 'Egypt;' the term 'Matsor' was applied originally to the fortified part of the country in the north-east. Isa. 19.6; 37.25; Mic. 7.12. Same word as 'fortress' in Jer. 10.17. 19:25 formed (e-18) Or 'purposed.' 19:26 powerless, (f-5) Lit. 'short of hand.' 19:33 saith (a-20) As Gen. 22.16.
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