2 Kings 23

1:8 [garment], (a-13) Or 'a hairy man.'23:2 read (b-41) Or 'one read.' 23:5 priests, (c-6) Heb. chemarim, see Hos. 10.5; Zeph. 1.4. the only occurrences. constellations, (d-48) Or 'planets.' 23:7 tents (e-21) Lit. 'houses.' 23:11 by (f-24) Some read 'in.' chamberlain, (g-30) Or 'eunuch.' suburbs, (h-35) Heb. parvarim, 'the dependencies of the temple,' possibly the same as parbar, 1Chron. 26.18. 23:14 columns, (a-7) Or 'statues.' see ch. 3.2. 23:20 sacrificed (b-3) 'Slaughtered,' as 1Kings 13.2. 23:26 wrath, (a-11) See Jer. 15.1-4. 23:30 dead (b-9) Or perhaps 'dying.' see 2Chron. 35.24. 23:35 estimation, (c-49) Or 'assessment.'
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