2 Peter 2

1:2 knowledge (i-10) Epignosis, 'full knowledge,' 'personal recognition,' as Col. 1.9.2:1 who (a-19) Hostis, as Matt. 7.24. deny (b-29) Lit. 'and denying.' It refers to false teachers, not heresies. master (c-31) 'Despot,' as Acts 4.24; 1Tim. 6.1,2; Tit. 2.9; 1Pet. 2.18; Rev. 6.10. 2:3 well-turned (d-5) Or 'false,' plastos. 2:5 eighth, (e-11) That is, 'one of eight.' preacher (f-13) Lit. 'herald,' as 1Tim. 2.7; 2Tim. 1.11. 2:7 conversation (g-9) i.e. 'manner of life.' 2:8 dwelling (h-9) Or 'settling down.' it has a strengthening preposition. 2:10 dignities. (i-28) Lit. 'glories.' 2:12 destroyed, (k-13) Or 'to be captured and perish.' 2:13 ephemeral (l-7) Or 'by day,' in contrast with 'they that be drunk are drunk in the night,' 1Thess. 5.7-8. 2:14 covetousness, (m-20) Or 'carnal desire and seeking to seduce,' 'practised in seduction' is the sense. 2:19 by (a-18) Or 'to him.' 2:20 knowledge (b-13) Epignosis, see Note i, ch. 1.3. 2:21 known (b-10) known (b-17) Epignosis, see Note i, ch. 1.3. 2:22 vomit; (c-20) See Prov. 26.11.
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