2 Peter 3

1:2 knowledge (i-10) Epignosis, 'full knowledge,' 'personal recognition,' as Col. 1.9.3:4 thus (d-21) Or 'as they were.' For this rendering as the practical sense, see 'as he was,' John 4.6. The force is the present state. as that they have continued. 3:7 present (e-3) Lit. 'the now heavens,' in contrast to the 'then world,' ver. 6. 3:9 willing (f-19) 'Purposing,' as Jas. 1.18. 3:11 conversation (g-16) godliness, (g-18) Conversation (manner of life) and godliness are both plural in Greek. 3:12 [the] (h-25) The absence of the article is poetic here, 'because of which inflamed heavens shall be dissolved, and burning elements shall melt.' 3:17 knowing (a-4) Ginosko, as ver. 3; ch. 1.20. It is oida in ch. 1.12,14; 2.9. see 1Cor. 8.1.
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