2 Samuel 15

1:9 anguish (a-16) Others, 'bewilderment.'15:1 after (b-6) Or 'soon after.' 15:4 to (c-24) Or 'round by,' as Ex. 18.13, &c. 15:7 forty (d-10) Possibly 'four.' 15:10 emissaries (a-4) Lit. 'spies.' 15:12 offered (b-17) Lit. 'sacrificed the sacrifices,' see Deut. 12.15. 15:17 house. (c-17) Or 'at Beth-Merchak,' as 'very far,' Jer. 8.19. 15:19 [dwellest]. (d-40) Lit. 'into thy place.' 15:20 thee! (e-35) Or 'brethren with thee [in] mercy and faithfulness.' 15:27 seer. (a-12) Or, as interrogative, 'Dost thou see?'
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