2 Samuel 18

1:9 anguish (a-16) Others, 'bewilderment.'18:3 for (b-35) Some read 'for now thou art worth.' 18:12 you], (a-49) Others, including LXX, read 'Take care for my sake.' 18:13 concealed (b-16) Or 'if I had acted falsely against his life nothing is concealed.' 18:14 spears (c-15) Lit. 'rods (staves).' body, (d-24) Lit. 'into the midst (heart) of Absalom.' 18:16 back (e-17) Some translate, 'spared.' 18:21 Cushite, (f-6) Or 'Ethiopian.' 18:23 plain, (g-23) Lit. 'circle.' see Gen. 13.10.
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