2 Samuel 22

1:9 anguish (a-16) Others, 'bewilderment.'22:2 rock, (f-7) High rock. 22:3 rock, (g-4) Lit. 'God of my rock (or strength).' trust (h-9) 'Trust,' as fleeing for refuge. so ver. 31. 22:6 Sheol (a-4) See Note, Gen. 37.35. 22:15 enemies]; (b-8) Lit. 'and scattered them.' 22:24 upright (c-4) Or 'perfect,' as Gen. 6.9; 17.1; Deut. 18.13. 22:26 upright (c-11) Or 'perfect,' as Gen. 6.9; 17.1; Deut. 18.13. gracious (d-3) Chasid, 'pious,' 'godly.' see 2Chron. 6.41. A form of this word is used specifically of the ways of Hezekiah and of Josiah in 2Chron. 32.32 and 35.26. See also Ps.4.3; 12.1; 16.10. 22:28 dost (a-6) Or 'wilt.' 22:31 word (b-9) Here imrah. as Deut. 33.9. see Note, Ps. 119.11. 22:33 smooth. (c-12) Some read, as in Ps. 18.32, 'maketh my way perfect.' 22:45 cringing (d-3) See Note to Deut. 33.29. 22:46 close (e-12) Or 'fortified.' places. (f-13) Or 'tremble in their strong castles.' 22:51 to (a-8) Some read 'He is a tower of deliverance for.'
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