2 Samuel 23

1:9 anguish (a-16) Others, 'bewilderment.'23:1 saith, (b-14) saith, (b-37) See Gen. 22.16. 23:3 among (c-15) Or 'over.' just, (d-19) Or 'a just ruler over mankind ' 'the Adam.' see Gen. 1.27, 6.1. 23:5 desire, (e-32) Or 'all good pleasure.' grow. (f-39) Or 'For all my salvation and all good pleasure, would he not make them to grow?' 23:7 himself (g-9) Lit. 'fills his hand.' 23:8 Joseb-Bassebeth, (h-12) Or 'he who sits in the (first) place.' Tachkemonite (i-13) Or 'the Hachmonite.' against (k-26) Or, as 1Chron. 11.11, 'he brandished his spear against.' 23:9 Ahohite. (l-13) Or 'son of Ahohi.' 23:20 lions (a-23) Heb. Ariel, strictly, 'lion of God (El),' i.e. 'great heroes;' and so 1Chron. 11.22. 23:35 Hezrai (b-1) See 1Chron. 11.37.
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