2 Samuel 6

1:9 anguish (a-16) Others, 'bewilderment.'6:2 from (b-14) Or 'to.' between (c-39) Or 'upon.' see 1Sam. 4.4. 6:5 wood, (d-20) Others, 'with all their might and with singing.' see 1Chron. 13.8. 6:6 stumbled. (e-24) or 'broken loose,' others, 'slipped.' 6:8 Perez-Uzzah (f-18) Meaning, 'breach of Uzzah.' 6:19 wine], (a-29) Or 'a ration [of flesh].' 6:21 appoint (b-23) Lit. 'command.' ruler (c-25) Or 'prince,' as chs. 5.2 and 7.8.
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