2 Samuel 7

1:9 anguish (a-16) Others, 'bewilderment.'7:16 firm (a-10) Or 'made sure.' 7:18 sat (b-7) In the sense of 'tarried.' same word as 'abide,' Gen. 24.55; 29.19. 7:19 manner (c-33) Lit. 'law.' man, (d-35) Or 'and that after the manner (law) of man.' 7:23 went (e-17) 'Went' is plural here. them (f-36) Lit. 'for you.' 7:27 to (g-12) Lit. 'uncovered the ear of,' as Ruth 4.4; 1Sam. 9.15; 20.2, &c. 7:28 God, (h-8) Or 'Thou art the Same, -- God.' see Neh. 9.7, and compare Deut. 32.39. true, (i-13) Lit. 'truth.'
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