2 Samuel 8

1:9 anguish (a-16) Others, 'bewilderment.'8:1 capital (k-23) 'Power of the capital' is 'Metheg-ha-ammah,' meaning, 'the Bridle of the Mother (city),' i.e. the metropolis. see 2Sam. 20.19; Num. 21.25. 8:3 dominion (a-18) Or 're-establish his (David's) power.' 8:10 congratulate (b-17) Lit. 'bless.' 8:13 Syrians (c-15) Some read 'Edomites.' 8:15 judgment (d-10) Or 'right,' mishpat. 8:18 Pelethites; (e-13) The executioners (a sort of bodyguard), and the runners.
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