Acts 18

1:2 up; (a-21) The word means 'receiving,' but with the prefix (ana) 'up,' as here, it has the active sense of 'taking up.' It is so translated except in 1Tim. 3.16. The more passive reception is seen in Acts 3.21, where another word is used.18:5 of (a-16) Or 'earnestly occupied with.' The Greek word is the same as 'constrains,' 2Cor. 5.14. Christ. (b-27) Lit. 'the Christ Jesus;' i.e. the Christ was really come, and that Jesus was he.' 18:6 pure; (c-25) Or 'I, pure [from it] from henceforth, will go to the nations.' 18:7 worshipped (d-17) See Note, ch. 13.43. 18:22 up (e-8) i.e. to Jerusalem. 18:25 exactly (a-20) As ver. 26. Luke 1.3, 'accurately.' 18:27 receive (b-18) See Luke 8.40.
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