Acts 19

1:2 up; (a-21) The word means 'receiving,' but with the prefix (ana) 'up,' as here, it has the active sense of 'taking up.' It is so translated except in 1Tim. 3.16. The more passive reception is seen in Acts 3.21, where another word is used.19:9 way (c-12) See Note, ch. 9.2. 19:12 body (d-11) Or 'skin.' As 'skin' in Ex. 34.29,30. 19:15 with; (e-17) As Mark 14.68, 'understand.' 19:22 ministering (a-9) As Matt. 27.55. Luke 8.3. 19:23 way. (b-13) See Note, ch. 9.2. 19:24 Artemis, (c-14) Latin, 'Diana.' 19:27 Artemis (c-24) Latin, 'Diana.' 19:28 Artemis (c-16) Latin, 'Diana.' 19:31 Asiarchs (d-5) Honorary magistrates, of the principal persons of the province, specially charged with the public festivals. 19:35 Artemis (c-28) Latin, 'Diana.' Ephesians, (e-9) Lit. 'says, men Ephesians.' heaven? (f-39) Or 'from Jupiter.' 19:37 temple-plunderers, (g-10) As verb, 'commit sacrilege,' Rom. 2.22.
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