Acts 6

1:2 up; (a-21) The word means 'receiving,' but with the prefix (ana) 'up,' as here, it has the active sense of 'taking up.' It is so translated except in 1Tim. 3.16. The more passive reception is seen in Acts 3.21, where another word is used.6:1 Hellenists (b-16) * i.e. Greek Jews. 6:2 right (c-17) I apprehend that 'right,' 'proper,' is the sense; not merely that it did not please the apostles. 'Pleasing to God,' I understand, but used for man it is arbitrary. 6:8 signs (d-12) Or 'great wonders and signs.' 6:9 freedmen, (e-13) Some translate 'Libertines,' referring it to Libertum, a city in Africa. 6:10 with (a-13) Or 'by' the Holy Spirit, but seen as in Stephen, that by which he spoke. 'which' refers grammatically to Spirit, but in sense to wisdom and Spirit both.
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