Amos 2

1:1 (h-0) * (The title of this Book, 'Amos'), Said to mean, 'Burden-bearer.' herdmen (i-9) Or 'sheepmasters,' 2Kings 3.4. Tekoa, (k-11) In Judah, 2Chron. 11.6.2:7 after (a-2) Or, 'they who pant after.' 2:8 condemned. (b-27) Or 'those that are amerced.' 2:11 saith (c-26) See Isa. 1.24. 2:13 you, (d-6) Lit. 'in your place.' Others, 'I am pressed under you (i.e. 'your sins') as the cart is loaded with sheaves.' 2:14 flight (e-2) Or 'refuge,' as Jer. 25.35.
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