Amos 4

1:1 (h-0) * (The title of this Book, 'Amos'), Said to mean, 'Burden-bearer.' herdmen (i-9) Or 'sheepmasters,' 2Kings 3.4. Tekoa, (k-11) In Judah, 2Chron. 11.6.4:3 Harmon, (c-21) Some translate 'to the mountains,' others, 'to the [enemy's] fortress,' or 'to the palace,' as in ch. 1.4, &c.. the meaning is not ascertained. 4:4 days, (d-21) Perhaps 'years;' 'days' in Hebrew is used for 'years,' but here probably it is in irony. 4:5 burn (e-2) 'Burn as incense.' see Lev. 1.9. 4:9 palmer-worm (f-10) See Joel 1.4.
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