Amos 5

1:1 (h-0) * (The title of this Book, 'Amos'), Said to mean, 'Burden-bearer.' herdmen (i-9) Or 'sheepmasters,' 2Kings 3.4. Tekoa, (k-11) In Judah, 2Chron. 11.6.5:3 forth (a-11) i.e. that contributed a thousand men for war. cf. Judg. 11.3 and Note. 5:5 nought. (b-26) The Hebrew for 'nought' is here Aven, 'vanity,' 'iniquity.' see Hos. 4.15. 5:11 pleasant (c-33) Or 'excellent.' 5:12 bribe, (d-20) 1Sam. 12.3. 5:22 offer (a-4) Lev. 14.20. 5:26 Moloch, (b-9) i.e. Milcom. Others render it 'your King.' Chiun (c-11) Some understand Chiun as the 'stand of the idol.' The LXX reads, 'star of your god Remphan.' see Acts 7.43.
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