Amos 6

1:1 (h-0) * (The title of this Book, 'Amos'), Said to mean, 'Burden-bearer.' herdmen (i-9) Or 'sheepmasters,' 2Kings 3.4. Tekoa, (k-11) In Judah, 2Chron. 11.6.6:1 secure (d-13) Or 'careless,' as Isa. 32.9. first (e-23) Or 'named the chief;' but cf. Num. 24.20. 6:6 breach (f-19) Or 'destruction.' see Lam. 3.48. 6:7 captive, (g-12) Lit. 'at the head of the captives' 6:8 himself, (h-7) Lit. 'his soul.' 6:10 uncle, (i-4) Or 'next relation.' 6:13 power (k-18) Lit. 'horns.' 6:14 Arabah. (a-37) Deut. 1.1 and 2Kings 14.25.
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