Amos 9

1:1 (h-0) * (The title of this Book, 'Amos'), Said to mean, 'Burden-bearer.' herdmen (i-9) Or 'sheepmasters,' 2Kings 3.4. Tekoa, (k-11) In Judah, 2Chron. 11.6.9:1 them (e-37) Or 'their posterity,' as ch. 4.2; Ps. 109.13. 9:7 Ethiopians (f-8) Heb. 'Cushites.' Caphtor, (a-33) See Gen. 10.14. 9:11 tabernacle (b-9) Or 'booth.' 'hut,' 2Sam. 11.11; Ps. 76.2. 9:12 Edom, (c-8) The LXX and their followers would seem to have read 'men,' and hence the application in Acts 15.17. But the manuscripts with one voice have 'Edom.' There can be no doubt that it is right. 9:14 turn (d-4) Ps. 14.7 and 126.1.
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