Daniel 10

1:1 (c-0) (The title of this book, 'Daniel'), Meaning, '*God (El) is judge.'10:1 trial (a-31) See ch. 8.12. 10:2 weeks. (b-10) Lit. 'weeks of days.' 10:10 set (c-8) Lit. 'shook,' as Ps. 109.25; Isa. 7.2. 10:11 upright; (d-21) Or 'stand where thou art.' 10:13 remained (e-29) Or 'prevailed.' 10:14 days. (f-27) Or 'for those days.' 'Vision' in this verse is chazan. see ch. 8.15, Note g. 10:16 vision (g-36) As vers. 1,7,8. see ch. 9.23. 10:20 Greece (a-32) Heb. Javan, as ch. 8.21. 10:21 these, (b-29) Or 'in these things.'
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