Daniel 3

1:1 (c-0) (The title of this book, 'Daniel'), Meaning, '*God (El) is judge.'3:2 governors, (c-15) Or 'pachas.' see Ezra 8.36. counsellors, (d-21) Or 'lawyers.' 3:4 nations, (a-13) 'Tribes of people;' and so in vers. 7,29; chs. 4.1; 5.19; 6.25; 7.14. see Gen. 25.16. 3:5 cornet, (b-11) Or 'horn.' see Note, Lev. 25.10, and cf. Josh. 6.5. sambuca, (c-14) A stringed instrument. 3:8 Chaldeans (d-6) Strictly, 'men, Chaldeans;' so 'men, Jews,' ver. 12. 'Men' is from Geber, and appears in vers. 12, 13, 20-27; ch. 6.5, 11, 15, 24: see Job 3.3. accused (e-10) Or 'spoke against.' lit. 'ate the pieces of.' See Note to Job 19.22. 3:12 not (f-30) Or 'pray not to;' so vers. 14,17,18, &c. 3:19 be (a-38) Lit. 'than it had been seen.' 3:21 hosen, (b-8) The wide covering of thighs and legs, used especially by the Persians. 3:24 counsellors, (c-18) Or 'viziers;' and so ver. 27; chs. 4.36; 6.7. 3:25 God. (d-34) Or 'of the gods.' Elah, Aramaic, in the plural, corresponding to the Hebrew Elohim. see ch. 2.11.
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