Daniel 4

1:1 (c-0) (The title of this book, 'Daniel'), Meaning, '*God (El) is judge.'4:3 generation. (e-25) Ch. 4 begins here in the original. 4:9 for (a-26) Strictly, 'overpowereth.' 4:10 tree (b-16) Or 'a terebinth.' 4:17 decision (c-12) Or 'demand,' or 'matter.' 4:27 righteousness, (a-17) The LXX reads 'alms.' see Note, Matt. 6.1. 4:30 kingdom (b-20) i.e. the royal residence. 4:37 judgment. (a-22) Or 'justice.' abase. (b-33) See Job 40.11,12.
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