Daniel 7

1:1 (c-0) (The title of this book, 'Daniel'), Meaning, '*God (El) is judge.'7:9 set, (a-6) Lit. 'cast,' placed as cushions, for sitting upon. 7:13 to (b-27) Strictly, 'he reached unto,' as ch. 4.22. 7:15 body, (c-14) Lit. 'its sheath.' 7:25 out (a-13) Or 'destroy.' seasons (b-25) Or 'appointed times,' as ver. 22; ch. 2.21. 7:27 His (c-31) See ver. 14. 7:28 matter. (d-8) matter (d-29) Or 'discourse,' as 'thing' ch. 5.15.
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