Daniel 9

1:1 (c-0) (The title of this book, 'Daniel'), Meaning, '*God (El) is judge.'9:2 Jeremiah (c-27) See Jer. 25.11-12; 29.10. 9:8 Lord, (d-2) Some read 'Jehovah.' 9:13 God, (e-23) Lit. 'entreated not the face of Jehovah.' understand (f-32) Or 'be skilful in.' Sachal. see Note k, Prov. 1.3. 9:18 name. (a-24) See 1Kings 8.48. present (b-29) Lit. 'cause to fall,' so ver. 20. see Jer. 36.7, &c. 9:23 vision. (c-33) Mareh. see Note, ch. 8.16. so ch. 10.1,7,8,16. 9:24 close (d-15) Or 'to complete.' of (e-23) Or 'to seal up.' for (f-29) Or 'forgive,' see Ps. 78.38. 9:25 build (g-16) Or 'build up,' or 're-build.' Messiah, (h-19) i.e. one anointed. Prince, (i-21) See 2Sam. 7.8; Isa. 55.4 9:26 determined. (k-48) Or 'the determined [portion] of desolations.' see the following verse, and Isa. 10.22,23. 9:27 midst (l-16) Strictly, 'in the dividing of the week.' protection (m-34) Lit. 'wing.' see Isa. 8.8. It might be rendered. 'and the abominations (idols) of the desolator shall be on the pinnacle' (i.e. of the temple). abominations (n-36) idols. desolate. (o-57) Others, 'the desolator.'
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