Deuteronomy 22

1:1 plain, (e-21) The Arabah. so ver. 7; chs. 2.8; 3.17; 4.49; 11.30; Josh.3.16; 18.18; Zech.14.10.22:2 bring (b-18) Lit. 'gather it in the midst of the house.' 22:4 [help] (c-25) Lit. '[be] with.' 22:9 forfeited. (d-29) Lit. 'hallowed,' or 'set apart to God,' i.e. appropriated to the sanctuary as a forfeit. 22:12 clothing, (e-12) Lit. 'covering.' 22:14 virgin; (f-40) Lit. 'virginity in her.' 22:19 remain (a-39) Lit. 'be.'
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