Deuteronomy 3

1:1 plain, (e-21) The Arabah. so ver. 7; chs. 2.8; 3.17; 4.49; 11.30; Josh.3.16; 18.18; Zech.14.10.3:9 Senir). (a-11) See ch. 4.48, Sion. 3:11 cubit (b-44) Or 'lower arm's length.' The cubit length is taken from the lower arm of a man -- as foot from our foot. 3:13 even (c-26) Or 'for;' cf. ver. 4. 3:14 Havoth-Jair, (d-29) i.e. villages or nomadic encampments of Jair. some read 'called it after his own name, Bashan-Havoth-Jair.' 3:17 plain (e-2) plain, (e-19) The Arabah, see ch. 1.1. 3:21 go. (a-36) Lit. 'pass.' 3:25 good (b-11) goodly (b-19) Same word as 'good,' Gen. 1.4.
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