Deuteronomy 33

1:1 plain, (e-21) The Arabah. so ver. 7; chs. 2.8; 3.17; 4.49; 11.30; Josh.3.16; 18.18; Zech.14.10.33:1 children (c-14) Or 'sons.' (d-0) Ch. 33.2-29 is considered to be poetical in Hebrew. man (e-9) Heb. Ish. 33:2 sanctuary; (f-29) Or 'holy myriads.' them. (g-41) Others, 'fire to guide them.' 33:3 peoples, (h-5) The tribes; so in ver. 19. 33:6 few. (i-12) Lit. 'of number.' i.e. that can be counted [easily]. see ch. 4.27. 33:8 Thummim (a-7) Perfection, or Perfections. Urim (b-10) Light, or Lights. see Neh. 7.65. one, (c-15) 'The man of thy goodness' or 'grace;' Heb. Chasid. see also Note, 2Chron. 6.42. 33:9 word, (d-31) Imrah. see Note, Ps. 119.11. 33:10 ordinances, (e-6) Or 'judgments,' the Hebrew word (Mishpat) having the two senses. see ver. 21 and ch. 17.9. 33:11 substance! (f-4) Or 'force.' 33:14 months, (g-18) Or 'moons.' 33:15 things (h-5) Lit. 'head.' 33:16 from (i-42) Or 'select amongst;' Heb. 'Nazarite.' See Gen. 49.26. 33:21 with (a-21) Or 'to.' Israel. (b-38) Others read 'he hath practised the righteousness of Jehovah, and his judgements toward Israel.' reserved (k-12) Or 'hidden,' Moses being buried in the territory of Gad. 33:23 south. (c-23) Or 'the sea and Darom.' 33:24 sons; (d-11) Or 'more than sons.' to (e-16) Others read 'favoured among.' 33:25 rest (f-10) Some read 'thine old age.' 33:29 cringing (g-31) i.e. 'render forced or feigned obedience.'
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