Deuteronomy 28

1:1 plain, (e-21) The Arabah. so ver. 7; chs. 2.8; 3.17; 4.49; 11.30; Josh.3.16; 18.18; Zech.14.10.28:4 increase (b-28) See ch 7.13. 28:10 Jehovah, (c-17) Heb. 'that the name of Jehovah is called upon thee.' 28:18 increase (a-22) See ch. 7.13. 28:22 drought, (b-19) According as pointed, the word is either 'drought' or 'sword.' 28:23 brass, (c-11) Elsewhere translated 'bronze' or 'copper.' 28:25 into (d-35) Or 'by.' 28:27 boils, (e-12) Or 'hemorrhoids.' 28:29 continually, (f-29) Lit. 'all the days.' so ver. 33. 28:30 it. (g-34) See ch. 20.6. 28:31 recover (a-45) Lit. 'save.' 28:32 it]. (b-36) Lit. 'and thy hand shall not be for a god (el),' or 'for strength.' 28:42 locust (c-12) Or 'cockchafer.' 28:49 not; (d-27) Lit. 'hearest not.' 28:51 increase (e-36) As ch. 7.13. 28:58 fear (a-22) Or 'in fearing.'
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