Ecclesiastes 10

1:1 Preacher, (e-5) Strictly, 'a former of assemblies;' see for the sense, though not the same expression, ch. 12.11.10:1 honour. (d-22) Or '[so doth] a little folly [for] him who is esteemed for wisdom and honour.' 10:3 sense (a-14) 'Heart ' as often in Proverbs. see Prov. 15.21. to (b-20) Or 'of.' 10:4 offences. (c-19) Or 'gentleness allayeth great sins.' see Prov. 15.4. 10:7 servants (d-4) servants (d-11) Or 'bondmen.' 10:9 endangered (e-12) Or 'wounded.' 10:11 before (f-5) Lit. 'without.' advantage. (g-12) Or 'he who hath a tongue is no better;' the word for 'charmer here is lit. 'master of the tongue.' 10:13 talk (h-16) Lit. 'mouth.' 10:16 child, (i-11) Or 'youth.' 10:18 fulness (k-4) Lit. 'By double slothfulness.' it is the dual. framework (l-6) Or 'the building.'
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