Ecclesiastes 3

1:1 Preacher, (e-5) Strictly, 'a former of assemblies;' see for the sense, though not the same expression, ch. 12.11.3:1 purpose (g-12) Lit. 'pleasure,' 'occupation.' 3:9 laboureth? (a-11) Or 'from the labour with which he worries himself.' 3:11 world (b-14) i.e. 'the age;' others 'the infinite,' 'the eternal.' Olam. 3:13 enjoy (c-11) Lit. 'see.' 3:15 past. (d-24) Lit. 'seeketh what is driven away.' 3:17 there (e-19) Many read 'for he has assigned a time.' 3:19 breath; (f-28) 'Breath' and 'spirit' are the same word in Hebrew. 3:21 spirit (f-4) 'Breath' and 'spirit' are the same word in Hebrew. go (g-12) go (g-22) Or 'that goeth.'
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