Ecclesiastes 7

1:1 Preacher, (e-5) Strictly, 'a former of assemblies;' see for the sense, though not the same expression, ch. 12.11.7:1 ointment, (h-8) Or '[perfumed] oil,' as Prov. 27.9; so ch. 10.1. 7:11 as (a-5) Lit. 'is good with.' 7:12 defence; (b-10) Lit. '[one is] in the shadow of wisdom [as] in the shadow of money.' see Ps. 91.1. 7:14 good, (c-7) Or 'be in prosperity.' 7:15 by (d-19) by (d-32) Or 'in.' 7:17 foolish. (e-8) As ch. 2.19. 7:24 who (f-10) Or 'That which is far off and very deep, who.' 7:25 reason, (g-18) Or 'thought.' translated 'device' in ch. 9.10. madness; (h-30) Or 'the wickedness of folly, and the foolishness of madness.'
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