Esther 3

1:1 Ahasuerus (b-10) i.e. Xerxes, see Ezra 7.1.3:1 Agagite, (b-13) 'Agag' is probably a title of the kings of Amalek. 3:4 matters (c-26) or 'words.' 3:7 month, (d-32) Lit. 'from day to day, and from month to month.' 3:10 enemy. (a-23) Or 'oppressor,' 'adversary.' Tzar, as ch. 7.4,6; see Ex. 23.22, Ps. 8.2. 3:12 governors (b-35) Or 'pachas.' so chs. 8.9; 9.3.
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