Exodus 12

1:1 with (a-22) Lit. 'the man and.'12:2 beginning (b-8) Lit. 'head.' year (c-19) * The beginning of the year which began with the first new moon after the Spring Equinox. 12:3 assembly (a-5) 'Assembly' is the congregation looked at as a moral whole, a corporate person before God. see Lev. 4.13; 8.3. 'Congregation,' ver. 6, is, I apprehend, the actual subsisting congregation composed of all its members. lamb, (b-21) Or 'kid,' here and in all this passage, as also in Gen. 22.8. 12:5 blemish, (c-6) Elsewhere 'perfect.' 12:6 congregation (d-16) See Note a. 12:8 [herbs] (e-18) Lit. 'bitterness.' 12:11 passover. (f-33) Signifies the action of passing over, see ver. 13. 12:13 smite (g-41) See ver. 23. 12:15 away (h-16) Lit. 'put a stop to.' 12:16 convocation, (i-11) 'A calling together.' see Num. 10.2. person (k-35) Lit. 'every soul.' 12:21 Seize (a-13) Or 'Draw out.' lambs (b-17) Lit. 'small cattle.' see ver. 5 and Note b, ver. 3. 12:23 smite (c-7) Here and ver. 27, 'plague,' see ver. 13. 12:24 ordinance (d-8) Generally 'statute.' first occurrence Gen. 47.22, 'assigned portion,' in Prov. 30.8, 'daily need;' Ezek. 16.27, 'portion;' also Ex. 15.25; Lev. 10.13; Jer. 31.36. 12:27 smote (e-27) See ver. 23. 12:29 dungeon, (f-39) Lit. 'house of the pit.' 12:49 home-born (a-9) Lit. 'native.'
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