Exodus 15

1:1 with (a-22) Lit. 'the man and.'15:2 song (c-4) Properly 'song of praise.' Jah, (d-6) Jah may be a short form of Jehovah; but it seems to express His absolute rather than His continuous existence. See Ps. 68.4. glorify (e-20) Or 'make him a dwelling,' for which there is some authority. 15:7 adversaries. (f-12) Lit. 'them that rose up against thee.' 15:17 place (a-16) Lit. 'fixed or purposed place.' It agrees with John 14.2. 15:20 dances. (b-27) Dance choirs. 15:23 Marah. (c-25) Bitterness. 15:25 ordinance; (d-32) See ch 12.24. 'Ordinance' is literally 'judgment.'
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