Exodus 17

1:1 with (a-22) Lit. 'the man and.'17:1 command (c-22) Lit. 'mouth.' 17:2 tempt (d-30) Or 'prove.' so. ver. 7, 'proved.' 17:7 Massah, (a-9) Temptation. Meribah, (b-11) Contention. tempted (c-25) Or 'proved.' so ver. 2, 'prove.' 17:9 Joshua, (d-5) Jah the Saviour, called Jesus in Greek. see Heb. 4.8. 17:10 Hur (e-18) Purity. 17:14 the (f-12) Or 'a.' that (g-22) Or 'for.' 17:15 Jehovah-nissi. (h-12) Jehovah my banner.
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