Exodus 27

1:1 with (a-22) Lit. 'the man and.'27:3 cleanse (e-8) Or 'remove the ashes,' see Lev. 1.16 and 6.10. 27:13 eastward, (a-12) Lit. 'toward sunrise.' so ch. 38.13,&c. 27:14 wing, (b-6) Lit. 'shoulder' -- one part of the side up to the entrance. so ch. 38.14,15. 27:18 everywhere, (c-15) Lit. 'fifty by fifty.' bases (d-26) Or 'the bases of the pillars.' 27:20 beaten, (e-16) i.e. beaten in a mortar, not pressed. light (f-21) See ch. 25.37.
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