Exodus 28

1:1 with (a-22) Lit. 'the man and.'28:1 me (g-24) Lit. '(serve) towards me.' 28:3 wise-hearted, (h-9) Or 'intelligent.' 28:4 vest, (i-21) Or 'tunic,' 'shirt.' girdle; (k-26) The original word is used as well for that of Aaron (see also ver. 39 and ch. 39.29) as for that of his sons. 28:8 girdle (l-3) The word means, of skilful workmanship. used only of the high priest's girdle -- vers. 27,28; Ex. 29.5; ch. 39.5,20,21; Lev. 8.7. 28:9 onyx (m-6) Or 'beryl.' 28:11 enclosures (a-32) Or 'plaited-work.' so vers. 13,14,25, and ch. 39.6,13,16,18; Ps. 45.13. 28:17 settings (b-7) Lit. 'fill in it fillings.' sardoin, (c-18) Carnelian. 28:20 onyx, (d-9) Or beryl.' 28:27 by (e-26) Or 'near.' 28:29 sanctuary, (f-26) Kodesh. see Note at ch. 25.8. 28:30 Urim (g-11) Light, or Lights. Thummim, (h-14) Perfection, or Perfections. 28:32 head (i-6) Or 'the opening above.' 28:35 sanctuary (a-20) Kodesh. see Note at ch. 25.8. 28:39 weave (b-4) Properly 'weave in checker work.' see ver. 4. 28:41 them, (c-21) Lit 'fill their hand.' so chs. 29.9,33,35; 32.29, &c. 28:42 trousers (d-7) Or 'breeches' as Lev. 6.10. reach. (e-23) Lit. 'shall they be.'
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