Exodus 30

1:1 with (a-22) Lit. 'the man and.'30:3 top (a-10) Lit. 'roof.' so ch. 37.26. sides (b-14) Lit. 'walls.' so ch. 37.26. 30:4 corners (c-17) Lit. 'ribs.' 30:7 incense. (d-7) Lit. 'incense of fragrant drugs.' 30:8 lighteth (e-4) See ch. 25.37. 30:10 for (f-6) for (f-25) Or 'upon;' the Hebrew word indicates the object in view of which atonement is made. so ch. 29.36. 30:23 myrtle (a-27) As 'calamus' in Cant. 4.14; Ezek. 27.19; and 'cane' as Isa. 43.24; Jer. 6.20. 30:33 thing, (b-15) Stranger, i.e. a stranger to the priesthood -- one not a priest. see Lev. 22.10.
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