Exodus 9

1:1 with (a-22) Lit. 'the man and.'9:7 hardened, (a-23) Lit. 'made heavy,' as chs. 7.14; 8.15; 9.34; 10.1. 9:15 off (b-24) Or 'If I had stretched out my hand and had smitten thee with pestilence, thee and thy people, I should have cut thee off.' 9:16 up, (c-10) Others, 'let thee live,' 'kept thee alive.' Lit. 'made thee stand.' thee (d-13) Or 'shew in thee.' 9:19 men (a-18) Mankind, the Adam, as in ver.22, in contrast with cattle. 9:23 thunder (b-13) Lit. 'voices.' so always. 9:31 bolled. (c-20) Or 'was in bud.' 9:32 ear. (d-17) Lit. 'were concealed.' 9:35 by (e-21) Lit. 'by the hand of.'
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