Ezekiel 16

1:1 (c-0) (The title of this book, 'Ezekiel'), Meaning, 'Strength of God.' captives (d-25) Lit. 'captivity.'16:7 multiply, (a-5) Or 'made thee into myriads.' beauty; (b-25) Lit. 'to the ornament of ornaments.' 16:14 magnificence, (c-18) As 'lordliness,' Isa. 53.2. 16:21 them? (a-16) Or 'in causing them to pass through [the fire] unto them;' or 'setting apart for them,' as Ex. 13.12. the like in ch. 20.26. 16:24 debauchery, (b-11) Or 'arched place;' and so vers. 31,39. 16:26 Egyptians (c-8) Lit. 'sons of Egypt.' 16:27 portion; (d-14) Or 'allotted food,' choq; see Ex. 12.24. 16:29 merchants, (e-11) Heb. Canaan. 16:36 money (f-8) Lit. 'brass,' or 'copper.' out, (g-12) Some read 'thy defilement (or ''pollution'') has abounded.' 16:38 jealousy; (a-29) Num. 35.19. 16:40 assemblage (b-7) See ch. 23.24. 16:43 recompense (c-25) As ch. 9.10. 16:44 proverbs (d-6) Or 'parable,' as Num. 23.7. see chs. 12.22-23; 14.8; 17.2; 18.2,3; 20.49; 24.3. 16:49 poor (e-33) Or 'afflicted;' see ch. 18.12,17; Ps. 9.18. 16:52 abominably (f-22) Or 'made thyself more abominable.' 16:56 by (a-8) Or 'was not a lesson in.' 16:58 saith (b-9) Some add 'the Lord.' 16:63 forgive (c-20) Kaphar; lit. 'make atonement for.' see Lev. 5.6; Deut. 21.8; 32.43.
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