Ezekiel 21

1:1 (c-0) (The title of this book, 'Ezekiel'), Meaning, 'Strength of God.' captives (d-25) Lit. 'captivity.'21:9 Jehovah. (c-9) Or 'Thus saith the Lord.' 21:10 wood? (d-27) 'It despiseth the rod of my son as [all] wood.' 21:14 privily. (e-42) Or 'is a terror unto them.' 21:15 glittering, (f-27) Or 'as lightning,' so vers. 10,28. whetted (g-30) Others read 'drawn.' 21:19 signpost, (a-35) Lit. 'form (hew out) a hand.' 21:21 parting (b-9) Lit. 'mother.' teraphim, (c-31) i.e. household gods. 21:22 lot (d-7) Lit. 'divination,' as vers. 21,23; 'oracle,' Prov. 16.10. 21:26 [more]. (e-20) Lit. 'this shall not be that.' 21:27 is; (f-19) Or 'to whom justice belongs.' 21:28 glitter. (g-46) See Note f ch. 21.15.
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