Ezekiel 31

1:1 (c-0) (The title of this book, 'Ezekiel'), Meaning, 'Strength of God.' captives (d-25) Lit. 'captivity.'31:3 boughs. (a-27) Or 'clouds.' so vers. 10,14; ch. 19.11. 31:4 high; (b-12) Or 'nourished him.' 31:11 mighty (c-10) Heb. el. 31:12 watercourses (d-36) Or 'ravines,' as ch. 6.3. 31:14 himself; (a-40) Or 'by themselves.' earth, (b-55) Lit. 'land of what is beneath;' and so vers. 16, 18; ch. 32.18,24.
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