Ezekiel 34

1:1 (c-0) (The title of this book, 'Ezekiel'), Meaning, 'Strength of God.' captives (d-25) Lit. 'captivity.'34:13 land; (a-23) Or 'soil.' water-courses, (b-36) Or 'in the ravines.' 34:14 of (c-14) Lit. 'mountains of the height of.' 34:16 judgment. (d-41) Or 'righteously.' 34:18 settled (e-35) Or 'deep.' see ch. 32.14. 34:23 up (f-5) Or 'raise up,' as ver. 29; Isa. 52.2; 60.1; 'arise.' 34:27 bands (g-39) Or 'bars' (i.e. resting on the shoulder). it is the same expression as Lev. 26.13. 34:29 plant (h-9) Or 'planting,' 'plantation;' as Isa. 60.21. ignominy (i-27) Or 'confusion,' as ch. 32.24; 'shame,' Isa. 50.6.
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