Ezekiel 36

1:1 (c-0) (The title of this book, 'Ezekiel'), Meaning, 'Strength of God.' captives (d-25) Lit. 'captivity.'36:3 up (a-22) Lit. 'panted after you.' see Ps. 56.1. talkers, (b-47) Heb. 'the tongue.' 36:4 water-courses (c-27) Or 'ravines,' ch. 6.3. 36:5 pillage. (a-55) Or 'to take possession of it for a prey.' 36:6 water-courses (b-19) Or 'ravines,' ch. 6.3. 36:8 they (c-20) i.e. 'branches' and 'fruit.' 36:9 turn (d-10) Or 'have respect,' as 2Kings 13.23, &c 36:12 children. (e-34) Some read 'cause them to fall.' 36:13 nation, (f-18) Some read 'nations,' and so in vers. 14,15. 36:14 bereave (g-9) Or 'cause to falter' or 'fall' (see ver. 15). 36:23 their (a-44) Some read 'your.' 36:24 land. (b-25) Heb. Adamah, 'soil,' as ch. 34.13. In vers. 5, 18, 20, 28, 34, 35 it is Erets. see 1Sam. 2.8. 36:28 God. (c-25) See Note, ch. 11.20. 36:37 increase (d-26) Lit. 'multiply.'
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