Ezekiel 9

1:1 (c-0) (The title of this book, 'Ezekiel'), Meaning, 'Strength of God.' captives (d-25) Lit. 'captivity.'9:1 of (c-18) Or 'Cause to draw near the chastisements of,' &c. 9:2 slaughter (d-24) Lit. 'dashing-in-pieces;' Jer. 51.20, 'maul.' side; (e-46) Lit. 'on his loins.' 9:4 mark (f-21) The word is Tau, the name of the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet. 9:9 perverseness; (a-30) Or 'wresting [of judgment].' 9:10 recompense (b-18) Lit. 'put,' as also ch. 22.31 and 1Kings 8.32.
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