Ezra 4

1:1 (a-0) (The title of this book, 'Ezra'), Meaning, 'Help.'4:6 Ahasuerus, (c-6) Probably Cambyses, son of Cyrus. 4:7 Artaxerxes, (d-6) Smerdis. Aramaic. (e-35) From here to ch. 6.18 the original is written in Aramaic. 4:10 river, (a-32) Strictly, 'beyond the river,' a technical name for the provinces on the west of the Euphrates. In English the expression has to be varied, in accordance with the position of the persons in question. cities (f-19) Lit. 'city.' 4:13 kings. (b-37) Others, 'and thou wilt endamage the kings' revenue.' 4:24 God (c-9) Aramaic, Elah (Heb. Eloah. see Gen. 1.1). The parts of the book written in Aramaic are chs. 4.8 to 6.18, and ch. 7.12 to 26; they have always Elah. El does not occur in Ezra. Darius (d-25) Darius Hystaspes, as ch. 4.5.
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