Ezra 7

1:1 (a-0) (The title of this book, 'Ezra'), Meaning, 'Help.'7:1 Artaxerxes, (a-9) Most probably Artaxerxes Longimanus, son of Xerxes, Esther 1.1. 7:9 on, (b-18) Others, 'he began the going up.' 7:10 ordinances. (c-26) Lit. 'statute and ordinance.' 7:11 Israel. (d-34) The Aramaic is resumed as far as ver. 26. 7:12 accomplished (e-10) Others translate, 'a scribe of ... of heavens. perfect [peace].' 7:14 by (f-5) Lit. 'from before.' 7:17 offer (a-19) Lit. 'present,' as ch. 6.10,17. 7:22 measures (b-11) Koreen, same as Hebrew cor. see Note, 2Chron. 27.5. 7:26 banishment, (c-29) Lit. 'uprooting.'
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