Galatians 1

1:4 world, (a-18) Aion. 'age,' 'course of this world.'1:4 world, (a-18) Aion. 'age,' 'course of this world.' 1:6 change, (b-7) Or, possibly, 'are changed.' gospel, (c-19) Or 'glad tidings,' as elsewhere. 1:7 but (d-6) 'But' has here the sense of 'but it is only that,' 'nothing else than that,' as Luke 4.27. 1:13 conversation (e-8) i.e. 'manner of life.' 1:14 doctrines (f-17) Or 'traditions.' 1:15 God, (g-3) Or 'the God who,' &c. [even] (h-8) I have inserted 'even' here that it may be quite clear that 'from my mother's womb' is a point of time. There can be no doubt of it. see Matt. 19.12, Luke 1.15; Acts 3.2; 14.8. The Greek has the force of 'taking out,' as distinguished or appropriated to something, though doubtless meaning 'to separate.' I have therefore said 'set apart.' 1:18 Peter, (i-14) Very probably 'Cephas;' and at ch. 2.11,14. 1:19 but (k-9) As ver. 7. 1:22 personally (a-5) Lit. 'by face.'
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