Galatians 2

1:4 world, (a-18) Aion. 'age,' 'course of this world.'2:2 privately (b-23) i.e. separately from the others. 2:4 might (c-30) The expression shows that what would have resulted as a consequence, i.e. 'bring us into bondage,' was indeed the purpose or object of those false brethren. see ver. 19; Phil. 3.8; Rev. 22.14. 2:6 nothing; (d-34) It may be translated 'But from those who were conspicuous as being somewhat; (whatsoever they were it makes no difference to me; God does not accept man's person;) to me indeed [or, 'for to me'] those who were conspicuous communicated nothing.' 2:7 me, (e-16) Or 'I was entrusted with the glad tidings of the uncircumcision.' 2:11 Peter (f-3) See Note, ch. 1.18. condemned. (g-18) Or rather 'because he was convicted of evil.' 2:14 Peter (f-22) See Note, ch. 1.18. not (h-8) The present tense here is characteristic; it is not the present of time; as Acts 25.11, 'have done any wrong,' and John 8.14, 'I come.' Perhaps we might say 'saw them not walking,' but it is too free. 2:16 [nor] (a-16) The Greek has the sense of 'but,' with an exclusive force, which I have endeavoured to render by 'nor' in brackets. see Rom. 7.7; 14.14; 1Cor. 7.17; Gal. 1.7. We may translate perhaps, 'but only.' 2:19 may (b-11) See Note to 'might bring,' ver. 4. 2:20 *I*, (c-10) Or 'but I live, no longer I,' &c.
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