Habakkuk 1

1:1 (a-0) * Said to mean. 'Embracing.'1:1 (a-0) * Said to mean. 'Embracing.' 1:4 justice (b-7) Or 'judgment.' 1:5 work (c-15) A thing done, as Isa. 5.12. 1:8 prance (d-20) Or 'spread themselves.' 1:9 crowd (e-9) Or 'the striving,' 'eagerness.' forwards, (f-14) Others 'eastwards.' 1:11 mind (g-4) Lit. 'spirit,' or 'state of soul.' guilty. (h-13) Or 'Then will he sweep by [as] the wind, and pass on and make himself guilty.' 1:16 dainty. (a-24) Or 'plenteous.'
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